Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Even if your house is less than 10 years old, you may be one of the 46 million homeowners in the United States living in an under-insulated home.  Insulation Specialists can fix this.  In as little as a few hours, we can insulate the attic in a new home or reinsulate the attic of an older home, providing you with increased comfort as well as savings on your next energy bill.

Insulation Specialists uses Owens Corning’s EcoTouch™ PINK® FIBERGLAS Batts & Rolls attic insulation, made with PureFiber® Technology. This environmentally- friendly insulation is made with 99% natural materials and contains nearly twice the recycled content of other brands.

Loosefill insulation is another option for attic insulation.  We use Owens Corning L77 Insulation by fluffing it along the length of the hose, adding millions of the tiny air pockets that give the material its insulating power. Our quality insulation will maintain the same energy-saving level of comfort in your home for years to come.

As you know, southern summer temperatures can strain a home’s cooling system and your budget.  Well-insulated homes have soffit vents, which allow for fresh air to flow into an attic and exit properly.  Insulation Specialists can install these raft-R-mate® attic rafter vents in your home.

Recessed lighting is also a source of potential energy loss in your attic.  Luckily, as with any other hole in a ceiling, proper insulation can mitigate the effects.  To do this, Insulation Specialists can install a SmartCap Attic Recessed Light Cover to cap all light fixtures in your attic.

Even if your attic itself is well-insulated, you may be losing energy through your attic stairway and door. The Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator helps eliminate gaps to better protect against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. We can also install attic tents around the top of your attic stairway. 

Beware: although stuffing insulation around the attic door opening may reduce some energy loss, it does not provide an airtight barrier.  It also creates harmful airborne dust and fiberglass particles that release each time the attic door is opened or closed. Therefore, it’s important to have professionals install stairway (and any other) insulation.

An attic tent is a patented product specially engineered to reduce air transfer from your attic to your living space.  It is an affordable solution to the energy loss often experienced by homes with drop-down attic doors